Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Paging Dr. Bombay, Paging Dr. Bombay

I'm afraid I have to make another trip to the doctor. After taking the doctor prescribed week of rest and starting back slowly, my distances have become increasingly shorter over the past 2 weeks due to returned shin pain. After only 1/2 mile of running yesterday I had to stop because the pain was too much to push through. So, I will call the doctor and I will do whatever it takes to get over this injury.

In the mean time I have decided to join the Y. The Y has a pool, and swimming is something that I really enjoy doing, and will be a completey non-load bearing form of exercise for me. I will also be able to do some strength training and perhaps some yoga or pilates. So, until I can see the doctor, that is my plan of action. I will certainly keep you all informed.

Also, if any of you have had a similar injury, please share your thoughts, and any helpful tips you may have!


Tammy said...

So sorry you're hurting Lisa.

I hope the dr has good news for you!

Pokey said...

I have no advice, but wanted to tell you to make sure you take it easy! Dont worry ~ a little rest and recovery and you'll be running again before you know it!

Hope the doc helps you feel better :)

Paige said...

Resting is a true PITA but it's the only thing that will get you back to running pain free...

Crossing my fingers for Good New from the Doc!!

Viv said...

Swimming is a great XT, but you know I hate it! It is something you enjoy chickie than keep at it, I heard it is a great to keep your endurance up, and no impact so viola! That is what I learned in Paris..LOL! Cycling is fun too, I'm such a cycling pusher. Hang in there Lisa, I know it stinks. There is a light at the end of the tunnel I promise :-)